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TGC CENTER is our group name under Mega Global Resources which was established 2 years back. The founder, Nasyrah Hanim created TGC CENTER mainly to give opportunities to those who seek a better lifestyle, out from their comfort zone. At almost 400 registered and active mompreneurs, our big family come from various background. Some are mommy working professionals, fresh graduates , and the most % contributed in the team are housewifes who wanted to contribute to the family income and also OKU who strives for living.

Here at TGC, everyone is trained with steps of selling skill, Mental Warrior knowledge, Free zero cost marketing and continuous motivational events & trainings to ensure they are well equipped to face any challenge that may come, With Nasyrah guidance and leadership everyone has equal chance to achieve their dream as long as they are committed to it, We believe with the strong mentoring & support system will attract more market segments and open up more opportunities to add value to people’s life.

We believe the future belongs to those that build community around common values, purpose & interest. Why we strongly stand with our principles in TGC to support all the women especially housewifes & single mother? Women are expected to shoulder the burden of being a mother and a home maker apart from being a breadwinner or a business woman. Yes, the most challenging task as a women is participate in entrepreneurship while embracing well balanced rolls. There is no reason for us to neglect the talents and capabalities of women which form half of the population in Malaysia. One in five SME’s are owned by women – tend to be micro entrepreneur with limited capital. 

So, It is very important to support this community because not only can contributed to the economic growth but it would also ensure the well being of the familes. TGC CENTER not stop here. We explore the potential of youth in Entrepreneurship. Why do we need youth entrepreneurship? Youth entrepreneurship is important in addressing high unemployment (approximately twice the adult rate). Young people are more likely to prefer self-employment than adults, but at the same time their rate of self-employment is much less. 


  • Develop 1000 women entrepreneurs by 2020
  •  Empower strong, positive, brave and independent women
  • To develop a happy go lucky woman , loving mother & loving wife for family


  • Integrate a women’s perspective on the focus on adding value to themselves and others
  • Towards a positive community of women who are mothers and entrepreneurs based on Islamic values
  • Building a community of women with positive, loving and prosperous lifestyle as the foundation for a happy family
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